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  • Kahayag steel nga gambalay Villa
Kahayag steel nga gambalay Villa
  • Modernong duha ka layer sa kahayag steel nga gambalay bayanan Villa
    Light Steel Villa House light steel villa house, its main material is hot-dip galvanized steel strip by cold-rolling technology synthesis of light steel keel, after accurate calculation plus support and combination of accessories, to play a reasonable bearing capacity, at the same time to adopt factory prefabricated components, on-site module…
  • Sandwich panel sa sulod ug sa gawas dekorasyon board Villa
    Sandwich panel with interior and exterior decoration board villa Container building has been widely used in the world, especially in European and American countries, economy and mid-rage hotels, student apartments, residential apartments, vacation apartments and other buildings.   Commodity parameters Name Modular House/steel structure Material Sandwich Panel/steel structure Size Customers'…
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